My perspective on training and injury, the dynamic duo that every athlete experiences

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Photo by Hanson Lu on Unsplash

Last year, on this day, I had ACL surgery. My fourth surgery to date. My third surgery due to sport or physical training. My…I’ve lost count of the number of injuries. The last few years haven’t been pleasant for my body. I thought today would be an appropriate day to publish a reflection on my training, what I’ve been through, and what I’ve learned.

I’ve always been athletic. My twin and I never needed coaching to…

Analyzing Kuzushiji characters using a custom CNN.

Note: For all the articles in this series, I’m following’s courses on Practical Deep Learning and heeding Jeremy Howard’s advice: to work on projects and write about them.

This is a write up about my experience working towards an entry in the Kuzujishi Recognition Kaggle Competition. While the goal was to eventually submit entries to the competition, I used the data from the competition to build a character recognition network from scratch. …

Human Activity Recognition using ResNet34

I’ve wanted to get more into deep learning as of late, and while I have decent theoretical experience from classwork and courses, I have very little practical experience. Thus, I’ve decided to fully commit to practicing deep learning with more rigor, and actually build models that do things.

The course has been fantastic for just that. Jeremy Howard’s focus on practical deep learning is refreshing, reminding me of the advice I used to give friends in college when looking for jobs. Students should commit blocks of time, finish a project, and maybe write about it, to really flesh out…

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By day, a software engineer. By night, an artificial intelligence enthusiast, a reader, a gamer, an amateur saxophonist, and an even more fledgling writer.

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